See What Hackers See!

For Only $5.99/mo.

We all have sensitive information on our computers. Whether it's our bank credentials, documents, or even family photos it is important to protect yourself and your computer.

PC Guard Complete Protection!

  • See What Hackers May See
  • User-Friendly, Simple Instructions
  • Scan, Identify, SECURE

PC Guard goes beyond Anti-virus, Anti-spyware & SPAM detection.

  • Driver's License
  • Social Security #'s
  • Credit Cards
  • Usernames
  • Passwords
  • Bank Account Info

Features and Benefits

What would you do if someone hacked into your computer? Cancel all your credit cards? Change every username and password? Now you never have to experience that horrible reality because when you purchase the PC Guard Plan from WizardGuard you will have all the protection you will ever need for all your sensitive and private information.

Computer Protection

You do not need to be a network expert with a focus in security to protect your information. WizardGuard levels the playing field giving consumers professional tools for protection.

Personal Protection

Protect your Drivers License, Social Security Number, Credit Cards, Usernames, Passwords and Your Bank Accounts' Private Personal Information.

User-Friendly, Simple Steps

WizardGuard utilizes an indepth scanning algorithm to identify possible threats. When complete you will be prompted to resolve these risks by either securing, encrypt, or deleting these items.

Cost Effective

WizardGuard does not believe peace-of-mind should cost. For less than $6.00 per month you can sleep better knowing your data is secure.